What is Temporary Contract Employment?

At Technical Search Consultants we know that as an employer, your staffing needs are many and varied. While you will certainly have those pillar positions that never change, from time to time you’ll have the need for seasonal or temporary workers. The reasons for this short-term boost in your workforce can be different for every company. Here we’ll get into what temporary contract employment is, and how to use this resource to your best advantage.


Temporary Contract Employment Defined

There are several kinds of jobs available through staffing agencies across Cleveland. So let’s define terms and understand exactly what is meant by temporary contract employment. This form of temporary staffing involves a contract that stipulates a certain period of time during which a company requires the services of a temporary worker. This could be a short-term or long-term hire, and could last from a few weeks up to a year’s time. The temporary worker may help a company to complete a targeted task or develop a new part of the business. Once the time period is over, the temporary contract worker is free to move on to other work. Temporary contract employees do not require a W-2 tax form from an employer–all formal and legal paperwork is handled by the staffing agency.

Why Choose Temporary Contract Workers?

When you’re facing heavy seasonal workloads, have special projects underway that require more-than-usual staffing, or when a key employee is on an extended leave, temporary contract employment can come to the rescue. Fill the temporary holes in your workforce with skilled, knowledgeable, and reliable workers and enable your business to keep chugging right along. From engineers to machinists and accountants, the screening and recruiting practices at Technical Search Consultants ensure that your business will receive the highly qualified candidates you’re looking for, whether for short or long-term projects.


Here are few more key reasons to opt for temporary contract employment:


  • Cost savings: stick to strict budgeting guidelines while accomplishing specific tasks without worrying about training, onboarding, or benefits
  • Targeted help: hire temporary candidates with necessary skills to accomplish specific tasks
  • Optimized workflow: temporary staff allows for redistribution of work assignments to more people, allowing for increased quality and productivity during a busy season


Once you have tried temporary contract employment on for size, filling gaps in your workforce will be far easier moving forward. Streamline future hiring by establishing a relationship with agency search consultants, thus avoiding a long and involved hiring process. Next time you need to increase productivity or temporarily adjust your team’s workflow, you can simply turn to temporary contract workers from a local staffing agency in Cleveland, like Technical Search Consultants.

What To Consider When Looking For Temporary Contract Employees

First, you’ll want to be really clear on what your company needs. If after some assessment you decide that a temporary contract employee will better fill your current needs than a full-time team member, it’s time to turn to a staffing agency for help to fill the role. Have down on paper the specific skill set you’re looking for, a description of your ideal candidate’s work experience and background, and outline a clear employment timeline. Thankfully, when you work with a staffing agency in Cleveland like Technical Search Consultants, you don’t need to worry about writing a riveting job description or spending precious hours to locate or attract that just-right talent. We can help you with how to write a temporary employment contract. Our team streamlines and optimizes the recruitment process, saving you measurable time and funds–we’ll never waste finite resources on applicants who don't meet your requirements.

Our proven track record speaks for itself–reach out today to learn how Technical Search Consultants can help you fill your next temporary position with quality candidates across diverse industries. Contact us to learn more or to post a position online!

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